Lucy (Movie Review)

Lucy was released on 25th of July, this movie has nothing extraordinary to offer rather then if someone wants a quick short action movie. I am totally with IMDB giving it 6.6 but it would have been a lot better if the story would have taken some deep and sharp turns. 

Story: The story is strong as a subject and mutation in Lucy has a reason to consider. Scarlet Johansson as usual powerful and her action is always considered to be best in past movies like Captain America and Avengers. Existence of life on earth to the deep core of brain was the story that revolves around. They have made it better by adding some value to Lucy enemies a life. I would give (6/10)

Acting: Two characters were all they need to make the movie drive smoothly and they were Scarlet Johansson and Morgan Freeman. Morgan Freeman is known for every single movie he did and his versatility was shown as a professor working on brain capacity for 20 years. Lucy taken herself to new limits and went against the odds to find out which humans have predicted. I would give acting (7.5/10)

Entertainment: The movie altogether was enough entertaining to not to get bored for 89 mins. A little bit of more story into the movie would have been entertaining. action, stunts, animations and sound was awesome. Teleport effects, space creations were awesome to see on big screen. I would give it (6/10)

Recommendation: It was a nice movie and entertaining too. If you have missed it on Big screen then no worries it was not that worth to watch it in cinema. It is a good movie for learning point of view, whole lot of facts are told about brain capacity and its functionalists. 

Overall Rating: (6.5/10)


Blended (Movie Review)

Blended released on may 23rd this year, I watched it last night and missed the fun back then. IMDB again has underestimated the rating of the movie by giving 6.5. I would give it more than that.

Story: Its a family romantic holiday movie, the best part of the movie is how the writer took it with humor. its a story of 2 families on a vacation and stuck together in Africa and their kids find a way to unite both parents together. I would give story (7/10)

Acting: Adam Sandler and Barrymore after movie (Fifty first date) together caught in romantic comedy and they have done super good. Terry Crews was hilarious being an African black singing in the whole movie. Alyvia was the most cutest in all of them, the youngest and the most hilarious when she yelled “Bagina”.  I would give acting (8/10)

EntertainmentThe movie was entertaining through out, not a moment viewer will miss a scene and it was blended beautifully with love of parents and souls. Dale Styne was a surprise. (7.5/10)

Recommendation: It was a fun watching this movie with family and you can watch it with your loved ones. If you have liked Fifty First date then you will definitely liked this one too.

Overall Rating: (7.5/10)

Guardians of the galaxy (Movie Review)

Guardian of the galaxies released 1st of August and made a great success over the month. IMDB rated the movie 8.6 but its not that awesome to be rated. I would appreciate to take it a bit lower than that.

3D: The movie was not that good on 3D as it was expected, It would have been great if they have taken space, gravity and spaceships in considerations. I would give 3D (6/10)

Action: The movie has a great action and series of fights without any interruptions. Bautista action and acting amused me, little WWE touch would have brought up taste like his famous spear. Zoe Saldana showed all her colors from Star Trek and Avatar. I would give Action (7.5/10)

Acting: Everyone was best with their characters and no complaints from either characters. Groot has been the most adorable, fearless and convincing tree anyone will see. Rocket and Groot played best friends and they were so fun to watch them. I would give acting (7.5/10)

Story: Its MARVEL, they are best with the stories, they covered the story suspense really well and the end was not predictable as the villain was invincible. They carried the story really well, fast paced, not boring and above all punch lines were awesome. As it is the start of series so they have to come stronger in story for the next release or they will not be able to create viewership after such a good story. I will give Story (8/10)

Recommendation:  Its a good movie to take family to freshen up, I would not spend more bucks on 3D with that quality and I would recommend every age group to enjoy the super story with giant Bautista and splended action.

Overall Rating: (7.5/10)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (movie Review)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is a new theater hit this month. I got the chance to watch it on Sunday and the house was full, overall ratings on IMDB is 6.4 which I think its a bit low. I would appreciate a bit higher than that.

3D: The movie was done great on 3D and it was better than other 3D movies I have watched recently. I would give 3D (7/10)

Action: The action was good but as it was the starting of the series TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) were shown a bit weak against the most fierce enemy of New York city. I would give give (7/10)

Acting: Megan Fox has really put the character of April O’Neil to a standard, her past action movies like Transformers have really helped. Michelangelo character was the funniest and most attractive. I would give (8/10)

Story: If anyone hasn’t watched the old cartoons of TMNT or they haven’t read any comics then this movie will not be a recall from a childhood but yes I was dragged to my childhood and I enjoyed a lot. The only thing that didn’t apply me was the suspense of the villain for why is he doing that. I would give (8/10)

Recommendation: My recommendation is to go and watch the movie with family and kids and if you don’t have any go and relive your teenage with TMNT. worth a watch

Overall Rating: (7.5/10)

Perfect family

A moment ago he knocks the door and I didn’t answer it. I knew it, it was him and I don’t want him to know I am inside. Little john sleeping and he should not see his father drunk, bleeding head and torn clothes.

He turned back and jumped over the fence in backyard and open the window and slips in. He can barely stand and I can barely watch. I switch on the light and he had a shopper of bread and butter. A tear slips out of my eye when he said “I am not drunk, I am sobber” and fell to the floor.

I run at him taking him in my arms he was smiling and he had a spark in his eyes. He told me he got a job, his John will not sleep hungry. I wanted to know what happened to him and I can’t stop crying. I picked him up and supported him to the couch.

He was walking to the bar and he saw a man riding his small kid on his shoulder to the toy store. He saw himself with john carrying him with balloons and ran towards his dream. He got hit by a car and he was alone. He caught up in the pain and a broken finger. He got up tumbled down, again got up and fought for his family against him. new was nothing, every night he was drunk and need someone to guide and now he is sobber but no one is here to help. He got john bread and his favourite butter.

I ran open the closet bought alcohol and bandages. I saw him sleeping in piece and my guardian is back to his family. I carefully took his shirt, applied cream, I can’t be more happier and can’t be more in painful to see him like this.

I slipped my self beneath his head and stroked his head and wiped my tears. Its a peaceful night and I don’t want it to end.

In the morning I woke up I found my little john lying on the chest of his dad and I now have my perfect family.


A friend of mine, she has gem of a personality and she has proved it to be on in recent months of her life as she tumbled down to the floor from the sky.

She wrapped it in one statement:

I am Happy with my disappointments

I do not know in what sense she said it but i hope she is positive and working and struggling through her tough phase.

For me it was a statement to learn from and I can now see my past and its mistakes. I can relate this and its potential outcomes if I believe to learn from my mistakes to work on my present and live a happier future. I can not point finger out to anyone whoever wasting their times like I did and fell on the ground when I realize there is no ground and I am walking on an illusion. But yes! I can surely say nothing lasts forever and if you think happiness have not visited you for a while believe me its on its way.


Broken (poem)

Walking on cold sand in December

Your hands in my hands all i can remember


Your smile makes me feel alive

I wish fate have chosen you my wife


Best moment of my life, when you blush

As soon as i see you, I just want to rush


You are my most beautiful poem

Now why do you call him


I know I couldn’t fit in like he did

My glass of love, he is looking through it


I feel dead when he touches you

This is not similar to what I drew


He keeps you happy and warm

And I am still searching you with a lantern and an empty arm


Stars are brighter and clouds are your bed

look back I am rich enough to be a dad


My eyes are closed, on my knees

I will cry without tears that’s your fees


I’ve expected everything except your absence

But sometimes I still feel your fragrance